Brother Aleksandr Tabanaru, age 32, Moldova

‘Those in Hell will suffer like the salt on the heated pan splatters!’ In October 2009, I happened to listen to Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon ‘Hell’ on TBN Russia. I was seriously shocked, and was deeply moved as well.At that time, I was having a hard time because I committed sins although I was a horn player in the church’s band and a conductor. This message made me feel like I encountered an oasis in the middle of desert. I felt great pleasure.I read, listened to, and summarized Dr. Lee’s sermons including “The Message of the Cross” and “The Measure of Faith” on the church’s website (www.manmin.org), You Tube, and In Victory’s website (invictory.org). I received much grace and stopped drinking and smoking. I started to spread the ministry of Manmin to my friends and neighbors, and they were also surprised and received much grace.

My Mother Was Dying from Cor Pulmonale But Came Back to Life

In April 2014, nine people including me gathered under the name of ‘Manmin’ and worshiped together. We eagerly spread the holiness gospel that features clear explanations of the Bible and that guides people to God’s will. More people started to come. In the meantime, I experienced God’s power.

In May 2014, my mother Taziana Tabaranu was suffering from acute cor pulmonale (which is the enlargement and failure of the right ventricle of the heart as a response to increased vascular resistance or high blood pressure in the lungs). Her whole body was swollen and hardened like the bark of a tree. She even had difficulty in breathing. Her doctor said she would have around six weeks before death, and advised me to have her say her last will.

I hurriedly sent my prayer request to Manmin Central Church, and Dr. Lee prayed for her during his prayer for the sick after the sermon. Amazingly, her swelling subsided in two days and she came to breathe properly. Her health condition recovered quickly afterwards, and she is still healthy now!

In October 2014, I rented a place for the sanctuary and started to equip it with necessary things. Now we have around 70 members including children. They have been renewed by the holiness gospel, and are living their believing lives with hope for New Jerusalem.

Moldovan People Are Longing for Manmin and New Jerusalem

We have prayer meeting for an hour every morning and for two hours every evening. Because of time difference, we offer up Sunday Morning Service with recorded file of the service on GCN and Sunday Evening Service and Friday All-night Service live on GCN together with Manmin in Korea. We spread Dr. Lee’s books and sermons to those around us and proclaim the holiness gospel and the powerful works in other cities as well.

In December 2016, I visited Manmin Central Church of my dream with my church members. At the moment we met Senior Pastor Dr. Lee with a fluttering heart, we could not stop shedding tears with grateful hearts. He cordially welcomed us with warm love and kindness like father’s and prayed for us.

We attended Christmas Eve Service and other meetings and looked around the church in the church’s love and consideration. My pressure and sense of responsibility as my church’s leader disappeared, and I was just so happy because of the shepherd’s love.

I was given stronger faith that nothing is impossible when God the Creator and Jesus Christ are with me and I have the holiness gospel and the powerful works.

I want to spread the holiness gospel in Romania as well as Moldova and lead many souls to salvation. I give all thanks and glory to the God of love who blessed me to meet the precious shepherd. And I also give thanks to Senior Pastor who leads me to the way of life.

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